Tuesday, December 2, 2008

CIT Sphere Reunion 2008

Hello! Would you like to have our reunion this December 2008? If you do, please leave a comment stating when and where you would like our Reunion be held. You can also direct your suggestions to Ms. Josie. We are also considering other batches. So, if you are a BS Mathematics (CIT) graduate, then your comment and suggestions are well-appreciated. The reunion 2008 depends on your response. Hope to see you all, soon. :)

Friday, September 19, 2008

Class Reunion

A choice after forced encounter with different people. Being classmate is not a choice. Your concern was just to study the discipline you wanted or needed. But, after graduation, bringing back the links to former classmates is already a choice - not an ordinary choice.

BS Math CIT batch 2006 made it a choice to hold a reunion even just once a year. Busy lives of other batchmates would not hinder this endeavor to reunite. Just last year, 2007, such batch held two reunions (masyadong namiss ang isa't-isa :) ). Such reunions involved conversations on what had happened to each of them, and how to make the bind stronger. But, of course food is always in consideration. (siyempre naman, hindi mawawala ang yum yum ;) )

Reunions kept them connected even if they are scattered around the Philippines. It reminds them of the unforgettable past, which may affect their future plans. So, even if their values and interests change, the link is still there to maintain the sphere of friendship (not just a circle, huh) they built.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

CIT Sphere and Beyond

CIT Sphere was formed during our college years - class 2002-2006. We began with a few members - our whole class actually, together with some of the Pure Math colleagues. Through the years, we’re still here. We’re still here beyond time, beyond the distance that separates us, beyond our differences because we are one. This is possible because of the CIT Sphere. This serves as our meeting place, our bulletin, and our calendar of important events. In short, this serves as the major source of communication, this serves as the point of contact. We’re still the same individuals. We still share opinions. We still have each other in case we need someone. CIT Sphere serves its purpose very well to maintain the camaraderie among the members.