Saturday, June 27, 2009

A New CIT Sphere Member Arrives

That's right folks! Amidst the busy schedule of the Web Staffs, we caught another point to enlarge the sphere we are in. As we have said, we are a bit busy, so the official website was not updated concerning our new member and for the preparation of our Sixth Anniversary as a Sphere - diverse, yet united. For the sake of those interested members, here's another point to link to.

Our new member is Rhenz, from Batch 2005 of the BS Math CIT. She is a part of the undergraduate thesis "PSU Library Log-in System". We got a feedback from her, after sending some questionnaires (that would give us ideas on how different we are and how we can connect with this another point, named Rhenz).

"Theres someone texting me...Of course Im also CIT grad, id like to share also my experience during school days ." She said when ask how she knew about CIT Sphere Organization and why she opted to join the Sphere. She plays chess, reads books, fond of eating specialty foods from other countries and wants to travel. And just like most of our college mementos, she remembers their crying moments because of Special Problem (thesis) and inuman sessions with colleagues, hehe. It's also easy to see that Rhenz has the spirit of a real Sphereian, since she's asking for the next Reunion. Wow! We'll let you know, Rhenz!

What she wanted to say to her batchmates? She said "I really really miss you guyz... wlang hiya kayo lahat kau nag-asawa na... recession p namn...gumraduate lang kau.. samantalang ako, workaholic...lagi nalng wlang tym sa BF.........miz u all" Well, she's not alone, right?

She wanted to say, "Goodluck... hope to meet you" to all members of the Sphere. (Hi Rhenz! :) )

Hopefully, her batchmates will join us soon. Be updated. We'll let you know if another point comes in. Diverse. United. Sphere.