Thursday, April 2, 2009

CIT Sphere Summer Reunion 2009

It smells like summer, again! And it smells like another CIT Sphere reunion! Who would not noticed that? We have to continue the tradition of CIT Sphere in maintaining the link between diverse yet united people.

Last January 2, 2009 was the most recent CIT Sphere reunion. Who would think of such class reunion? Is it unthinkable? Well, it happens. So, the more reason we have to get together this summer. The usual organizers are on their way for another reunion.

The tentative dates are May 2 and May 3. Either dates will do. That's why we are opening this post for this matter. You can leave a comment to suggest and inquire about the date, until we come up with a "perfect" date for most of us.

The place? Just keep in touch. But, definitely it will be in Lingayen. So, the organizers are still choosing a venue. You can also suggest and inquire by leaving a comment.

So, we'll be seeing you guys. It's another way of confirming or denying the gossips - a member who went abroad, new lovelife (hehe), and.... ehheem, wedding bells! This will really be a hot summer, we have to prepare hotseats! Haha!

Keep it right here for more information. Keep the CIT Sphere pride alive. Wheeeh... Kainan na naman!!!